Saturday, September 03, 2011

Great first day... (full day)

Well, when I woke up a 6:30am on Saturday morning I was feeling a little rough. But after a big breakfast & a morning nap I was good to go for the day. For our first stop we arrived at Norwegian's private island, Great Stirrup Cay. We had talked about getting off the boat just to say we did but in the end we stayed on the boat. I was not looking forward to the sand on the beach (too messy :) ) and Ray was afraid we would miss our dinner reservation. We stayed away from the sand and stayed close to the restaurant. It was rough but we laid by the pool for most of the day.

The interesting thing about the pool is that it's salt water. I had no idea they had salt water pools! Just not what I am used to. The pool area is really nice. There are lots of options on the deck and we choose to sit in the shad in our lounge chairs. The sun is super intense and didn't want to burn. We would go for a dip in the water and then lay back in our chair and enjoy the ocean breeze. It was very relaxing to do nothing!

In the afternoon we went and cleaned up and got ready for our big fancy steak dinner. There are a few restaurants that you can pay a cover charge and eat anything and everything from the menu. We love steak so we made reservations for 5:30pm. We were early so we decided to walk around the boat. The gift shop was having a sale on jewelry so I talked Ray into "winning" me some earrings. We went to the casino and he won enough for me to get the earrings I wanted! Yeah!! He proceed to win some more, it's always fun when you win!!

Big Fancy Steak Dinner

After that we continued on for dinner. When we arrived at the steak house we were greeted by our first names. It really is amazing how good that can make a person feel. Every person at the restaurant from the hostess, to the waitress to the helpers called us by our first and fast names. It was so nice to be enjoying such a great dinner with my husband! It has been a long time since we have enjoyed a great dinner like that together.

After dinner we went to see a comedy show in the theatre and then I was done for the night. I went straight to bed and Ray went off to the casino to make some more money! :) It was a great first full-day on our cruise.

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