Thursday, August 08, 2013

Summer 2013

Parker is 2.5 years old this summer and we have done so many fun things! This is the first summer I actually have had a tan since he was born. He was too little to do too much. We have spent more time outside than inside. The weather has been awesome! Not a lot of pool time becasue of the temps being lower and lots of rain. I don't like hot sticky summers so I have been great with the cooler temps.
We have had lots of firsts for Parker and making new traditions. He has stayed up late and gone to outdoor movies, fireworks (he didn't like), concerts and baseball games! He went to his first Clippers baseball game and loved it! We are planning to go two more times this season.
In the past Ray and I have been used to working together to get things done. Before Parker we each had our own projects to work on and be proud of completing. We now have to balance projects with spending time with Parker. Most projects are for Parker but he doesn't understand that. I have had to learn that not everything happens on my time schedule any more. It's been tough and I struggle with the need to get things done. Below is one of Ray's bigest projects that he totally ROCKED! He put this together all by himself. I appriciate the extra steps he took to make sure the swingset was level and sturdy. As you can see from Parker's face, he loves it!!

Parker has had some fun with her brothers from another mother! The Hix boys! Carter came over and helped Parker drive his "tractor". A reminder of why we are not having any more kids!! :)

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