Sunday, September 04, 2011

2nd great day...

Well, it's our 2nd full-day on our cruise. There was a big party last night called the "White Out" party. Everyone was encouraged to wear white and to come party the night away. Well, I went to bed and Ray went to the casino, so neither of us went to the party. But when Ray woke up he felt like he had went to the party!! He had a horrible headache so he took some medicine and went back to bed. I proceeded to have breakfast and went for a walk. I then came back for a nap and then back up for a second breakfast, all of this while Ray slept!! :)

(breakfast #2)

We then proceeded to lay by the pool, all day long! Again, we were not up for getting off our stop in Nassau, Bahamas. The port is very touristy and we didn't really need any of the junk, I mean, stuff they were selling. We just wanted to relax by the pool. We had a short rain shower but other than that it was hot and perfect. Have I mentioned that the pool is a salt water pool? This is still weirding me out. I guess they are better and easier to care for than chlorine pools. The salt seems to be good for my skin but not so good for other things like my sun glasses and my toe nail polish! :) Once I figured out that the water was salt water I decided that it would be a good idea to leave my iPad in the room. I was afraid of the salt water doing some damage even just from my hands. Better safe than sorry on this topic!!

After we laid by the pool we went and took a much needed nap. We had dinner reservations at 5:30pm at the Le Bistro restaurant. Here is where the fun begins....

We had a coupon that read "Enjoy dinner for two at Le Bistro restaurant and get one free meal at the Italian restaurant." I read this as "Eat at Le Bistro restaurant, Italian restaurant and get one free meal." The entire day I was telling Ray that we are having Italian food for dinner and that we will buy one get one free for our meals. Image our faces when we open the menu and it was FRENCH food! We don't even know what FRENCH food really is!! I felt horrible! Ray was disappointed and I was embarrassed. I was so excited to have a coupon BUT I didn't read it correctly. We made the best of it!! I forgot to mention that there was a $20 cover charge (this restaurant is outside of the normal included food). Ray found onion soup, pork & creme brûlée. I had a salad, salmon & chocolate fondu. It ended up being a great dinner, not what we expected, but good!!

(before we figured out it was not Italian food)

(after we ate French food, Ray was happy!)

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