Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tough month...

And I hoping & praying for a fresh start in August.

Very little sleep has taken place in the Gibbs Household this month. Parker has made so many changes this month I think he is out of wack as well. Our little boy isn't so little any more! It's been hard on me. I am starting to realize that I have to embrace the changes & help him move forward. These latest changes just seem to be more drastic to me then any other time. It's the little things... All new cups, no more soft nipples, he has too many teeth & likes to chew. He now say "I dot it" which really means "I got it". These small but big signs that is is growing up & I guess so am I. :)

Here is to a great & productive month! Please pray we all get more sleep! :)

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

20 months old!

Well, life at the Gibbs house is always in a state of constant change. Yes, I should be used to this but some consistency would be nice too! :) We are so blessed with a healthy and happy little boy that we adore. He is our life, he is our everything. That doesn't mean that we don't get tired, angry, frustrated or many other emotions. We have our challenges just like everyone else. We are learning to take one day at a time and enjoy every moment. We want to surround our son with love and I think that we are doing a good job with that.

Parker is now 20 months old. What does that say to me? That we are 4 months away from him being 2 years old!!! Really?? This is such a fun age and many more changes and challenges than before. The picture below is Parker playing this his "counting" bears. He loves to dump them from cup to cup and just play. He will sit for about 1/2 hour or so and just play.

We are very lucky to have found a wonderful daycare that Parker has been at since he was about 10 months old. He loves his teachers and all of his friends. He was recently moved up to the next room. So he is out of the infant room that is from 6-weeks to 18-months and now in the 18-month to 2 1/2 room. Now that he is in this new room it came with lots of changes that we didn't really think about...

- He now sits at a table to eat. Um, yeah... now he doesn't want to sit in his high chair. We had to quickly change his seat at home. We have an awesome Graco Highchair that we LOVE! It converts like 4 different ways and has saved us lots of money.

- He now sleeps on an open cot! The first day he went right to sleep with no issues. The teachers were amazed and so were we! He has been taking naps at school like a champ and no issues with the cot. Grandma Terry took a full-size pillow and cut it in half, sewed it up and made him a pillow and pillow case for school. He also has a small quilt blanket that Grandma made him that fits perfect. This also means that sleeping in a crib at night, at home was out of the question. He really has been a great night time sleeper, for the most part, for the majority of the time. Now not so much. More to come on that topic later. Just know he is now in his toddler bed.

- He can now participate in special events at school. They have water day on Wednesdays and special events like picnics and such at the daycare. When he is 2 1/2 he will be able to participate in field trips outside of daycare.

I knew he would grow up fast but man, this month has been full of changes for him and us! :)

Here are some pics that should make you smile!

PawPaw and Parker lounging in the living room. Parker rubs his ear just like his mommy did when she was little! :)

Daddy & Parker playing golf! Grandma Terry found these golf clubs at a garage sale for $2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that?? Score! I see lots of trips to the driving range and the golf course in their future.

Oh look it's PawPaw again! Also known as PooPa!! :) Keegan and Carter do not look thrilled but they were having fun! Look at that grin on Parker's face!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Before you go to sleep tonight...

Just before you go
to sleep tonight,
check this list:
Did you get up
on time?
Did you make
your bed?
Did you eat
a good breakfast?
Did you read something
Did you learn something?
Were you polite?
Did you help a
Did you do some work
around the house?
Did you try to earn
some money to help
pay for your clothes?
Did you think about
your future?
Did you read a
newspaper or watch
a newscast?
Did you brush
your teeth?
Did you tell your
parents how much you
appreciate them?
Imagine how good
you’ll feel about
yourself if you can
say “yes” to
these questions,
and every day.

- Franklin University Leadership Center
 Another Gray Matter - originally published in the Wall Street Journal from February of 1979 until November 1985.  They were the idea of Harry J. Gray, former Chairman and CEO of United Technologies (reprinted with permission).   For a more detailed explanation see Gray Matter.  This particular Gray Matter was published in June of 1982.

I read this a few days ago and I can't stop thinking about it... Please read and share with others. It's important we go to bed each night with our affairs in order! :)

Monday, July 09, 2012

Commitment Issues

Do I seem like the type of person that has commitment issues? From the outside I look pretty committed; same job for 12 years, married for 9 years, 2 houses in 12 years. Those are the bigs ones. For those who know me REALLY well know that there are other topics that I strive to stay committed to but haven't figured out the balance.

Sarah Petereit, how many times did we sign "contracts" with each other committing to exercise? Oh, wait even better, how about when we tried to save up money to buy American Girl Dolls? Hey, don't judge we were like 12 years old. But even back then I didn't put my mind to the task at hand and makes it happen. I would give up on the exercise (still don't find it enjoyable) & I got the doll for Christmas.

As an adult I have said I want to do the following and just can't seem to make it happen...

- eat better
- plans meals
- exercise
- clean a little each day
- using up what I have before buying more
- reading, yeah I start but never finish (Twilight series is the last I read, all the way through)
- oh the big one, stop wasteful spending

I am sure there are more but those are the major topics. I usually overwhelm myself by trying to change all items at once. I jump in without a clear plan and I don't change anything to really make it possible to succeed. It's weird to me that there are parts of my life I have "it together" and others I just do "ok".

I just finished up a weeks vacation from work. It was a crazy week with the heat & storms. To top it off our air went out. We were very lucky to have it fixed quickly and for a low price. This event made me slow down, think & prepare a small game plan. I tried not to overwhelm myself with so much to accomplish that in the end it would lead to nothing getting done. I made one day my running around day to get supplies & the next day my action day. Here is what I accomplished...

Pantry, spice cabinet & lazy Susan; cleaned & organized...

The dining room now has blinds! Last room in the house & most important room since the sun comes in the back & this room has the thermostat. Thank you Ray for hanging these!

I also...
- started an iCloud calendar that we can plan meals on. A month seemed overwhelming to met so I am taking one week at a time. After a month of planning I can look back and "reschedule" meals moving forward on the calendar.

- went through all on my makeup & beauty products (thank you Sephora). I have the in ziplock bags so I can see that I have 20 samples of a face cream & before I buy new I need to use these.

- I am taking my spending more seriously. One day at a time. Thinking about what I need versus want. Those lines are often blurred for me. One day at a time.

I have changed my way of thinking & trying to stay calm, cool & collected. The first step is admitting I have challenges & now you can help hold me accountable!

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Sunday, July 01, 2012

July Already?

Wow, where has the time gone? I can't believe it's July already!! We usually go on vacation the last week of June but this year we decided to stay put. There are just so many things going on it just didn't happen. Now here it is July 1st and now I am on vacation from work I am just staying home. Ray is off a few days & with the July 4th holiday right in the middle we should have some nice family days. We jus had two terrible storms rip through so it's been scary for everyone. We have been lucky enough to keep our power but we have now lost our A/C. Nothing to do with the storm just bad timing. It might be a total loss! :( Not what we had planned. Oh, did I mention that our house is still on the market??
Ok, enough winning for tonight. We did go to Ash Cave & Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills. We wanted to have a family day but something that would try and keep us cool. It's been really hot here. It's about an hour drive from our house and Ray took the scenic route. By the second trail & almost 90 degree temps we were all done for the day. Then we came home to a warm house. Here are cute pics from our trip!

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