Monday, September 05, 2011

All good things must end...

Well, it's that time... time to leave the ship. We had to be out of our room by 9am. That wasn't an issue since we had been up early everyday. We had eaten breakfast in the buffet area everyday but we decided to end the cruise on a more quiet and relaxing note. We ended up eating in a very nice dining room that we hadn't visited for dinner. The breakfast was exactly what we needed to ended our vacation. It was very quiet and everything was made to order.

We made our way back to our cabin and proceeded to finish packing and get on our way. When we got off the ship we were greeted with a powerful punch of humidity in Miami. Not having the ocean breeze made a big difference. We slowly made our way to our pick up point and waited. We had parked our car in a lot about 5 minutes from the port. This was the smartest and cheapest way to go. We were then headed off to our hotel in Fort Lauderdale.

We arrived at the Hampton Inn in Fort Lauderdale near the airport. The hotel was very nice and our room was HUGE! Let me remind you that we just left a room that felt like a sardine can with a balcony. We felt like we were living it up in our hotel room! :) The bed was comfortable and the shower was even better! Once we got settled to headed off to the Hard Rock Cafe & Casino. I was starving and if Ray could win us lunch that would be even better. Well, come to find out casinos in Florida only have slot machines and card games. Ray's game of choose if roulette. We still had a great lunch and a great time just walking around and watching people, my favorite past time.

After a short drive back to the hotel we were off to bed for a much needed nap. We decided that a nap sounded better than sitting outside at the pool in the 90 degree Florida heat. It turned out to be the best choice. After our nap we were off to dinner. The hotel staffed recommend a restaurant right on the water. It was still hot so we opted for a table indoors but overlooking the water. I owed Ray an italian dinner since I screwed dinner up on the cruise! :) So we both had shrimp and pasta. We ere both miserable after dinner but a good miserable! We both have missed Parker so very much. Only one more night and we will be home.

We flew out of Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday 9/6 at 9am. We will arrive back in Columbus around 1pm. I am off on Wed 9/7 and Ray is off until Friday. So even though vacation in Florida is over we still will have some time before we go back to work. We are excited to see Parker and give him lots of hugs and kisses. I know that you like pictures of him better than you do of us so we will make sure to get some up soon.

We had a fabulous time and are very grateful for everyone's help in making this trip possible, We are looking forward to taking Parker on vacation with us next time.

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