Friday, September 02, 2011


Well, we are now cruising. I was good until the boat left the port. This is our first "real" cruise. Over 10 years ago we cruised from Florida to the Bahama's and they dropped us off. It was on a pretty small boat. I didn't do well then and I thought this would be different. It's not. I took Dramamine but it's not helping. It's 8:30pm and I am back in the room but hey I am relaxing!! Since I wasn't feeling well I treated myself to room service. It was AWESOME!

Our first partial day has gone well so far. It rained a little while we were waiting to leave Miami but nothing crazy. We spent some time at the pool and had a few trips to the buffet.

I tried my hand at a quarter game. I lost $20 bucks and I was done. Ray played some roulette and I am sure he will win now that I am not staring over his shoulder. It's cheaper to park me in the room with the iPad and play games that don't cost any money! Again, I am happy, I am relaxing!!

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