Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend of firsts...

This weekend was filled with lots of firsts and fun! Parker went to the pool with Mommy & Daddy. He had a great time and LOVES the water. We so need a waterproof camera!

Parker also went to the Columbus Zoo! He was more interested in the people than the animals. He went with Mommy, Grandma Terry & Poopa!

I love this pic of Parker and the baby elephant!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love technology!

It's been hard to blog because getting on a computer without little hands trying to help can be a challenge! :) I now can write from my iPhone & even upload pics & videos!!! This will truly change the way I blog. I am so excited & so is Parker. Here is a video to make you smile...

YouTube Video

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stop Stupid Spending Saturdays! (SSSS)

A few weeks ago I implemented a new rule/idea/motto, whatever you would like to call it....

Stop Stupid Spending
(and since is started on a Saturday we will add another "S")

I am so over having my house filled with things we will never use. When my Grandma Mehl is reminded me that when we leave this world we leave all material things behind. We think the more we have the better off we will be. I know can you believe this is coming from the girls who loves all new gadgets, Coach purses and just loves having stuff!?! Well, I am trying to change, so make sure you help me!! :)

Online shopping, cause you know it's too hard to get out with a baby, WAS a problem before I implemented SSSS (stop stupid spending saturday). We have lots of bills to pay down, kids aren't cheap. We are not longer in the DINK (double income no kids) category and our SS (stupid spending) needed to stop. People/me always think that if I have the next big thing everything will be great when all it does is add more complications in my life. I still think I NEED an iPad but I am going to use this as "bate" to save. Ray is the saver and I am the spender. I used to say CHARGE IT! Well, that can add up quick and gets you no where. Yes, I now know this. I am a pretty smart cookie but it takes time for things to sink in.

Since I have implemented SSSS it has been going pretty well. No random stops at Target or Walmart. I don't just go to the store to go, I have a list and I do my best to stick to it. I did order some items from but I did a full disclosure to Ray so he knew that boxes would be arriving and what was going to be in them. We have also started purging and cleaning. I took clothes (the ones that were too big :) to Clothes Mentor. I am taking some of Parker's clothes to Once Upon a Child and then planning to have a garage sale. It feels great to purge!

If we want our dreams to come true we have to chip away a little at a time. Always moving forward, even if that means falling forward & getting back up!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Testing.. two.... Testing from my phone :)

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Isn't it ironic...

And isn't it ironic...don't you think
A little too ironic...and, yeah, I really do think... (a little Alanis Morissette for ya!)

I never thought I would be saying this.... I need to buy new clothes... they are all too big! I have to share because I never thought this would happen and especially not to me!

When I became pregnant with Grace in 2009 I was already over weight. I didn't watch my diet and didn't exercise. Looking back I was also depressed from trying to get pregnant for almost 4 years. After we lost Grace, well you can imagine, I was broken. That lead me to not really care about anything and especially not my weight. We were trying to get pregnant & I should have cared more but I didn't.

When we became pregnant in February 2010 for Parker I was still overweight. I wasn't very active before becoming pregnant so I was even less active carrying a baby in my belly. Then came gestational diabetes... Well, that scared me straight! I visited with a great friend who had gestational diabetes that later on turned into full diabetes. She gave me a crash course on what to do and what not to do. I got to see how challenging it can be to manage your blood sugar along with all of the other things in life. I made some big changes and I as able to keep my sugar in check. I gained about 10lbs over the course of my pregnancy. Remember, I was overweight to begin with & then I watched my diet.

6 months later I am still breastfeeding. I am moving more than I ever have in my life. I am trying to eat healthy when I do eat & trying to drink more water. It's all paid off... I have lost 40lbs & I feel better than ever!! My body now needs to be toned. One thing at a time...

Friday, May 20, 2011

6 Months Old!!

Wow, 6 months.... it's going by fast. Here is a quick update on what Parker has been up to...

He can...

- Sit up for a few seconds, then falls over
- Roll & roll & roll across the living room floor
- Grab anything with in his reach
- Eat solid foods! He likes carrots, squash, green beans, sweet potatoes & cereal.
- Spit peas out faster than a blink of an eye. He hates them...
- Put his toes in his mouth
- Screech at many different pitches and volumes (he thinks it's funny)
- Loves to watch the world around him and take it all in

He is growing up so fast. He melts my heart every day... We love him so very much!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Not forgotten...

Grandma Mehl, Parker & Buddy
On Friday May 6, 2011 Grandma Mehl passed away. This is my dads mom. She loved Parker so very much. This picture was taken in January 2011 when we went to visit. Buddy was so jealous of anyone who got near Grandma so he was not very happy about her holding Parker. I regret not taking more pictures of the two of them together. You always think, well next time, but you might have that next time... We miss you Grandma and know that you are in heaven with lots of great people. We miss you here on earth but know we have lots of angels watching over us!

During this time of loss it usually leads me to reflect. Reflect on what is really important in life and what isn't... Parker is our world and our priorities have changed. I started a blog post that I never published and the title of the post is "perspective". Parker has brought perspective to my life and certain things just aren't important any more. My friends loved to tease me about silly things I would do like track my miles per gallon for my car... in an excel spreadsheet... or labeling everything around my house or even my office. I didn't have anything better to do so why not! My life and my heart was missing something and that was having my own family. Yes, I had Ray and my family and my friends but I still had that void. Well, that void has now been filled and I am so grateful for the love he has brought into our lives. We are reprioritizing our lives and hope to share some of those changes in the coming weeks.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Too Big for Bouncy

No children were harmed when making this video :)