Thursday, September 15, 2011

Football Season

I know... you don't follow this blog to see vacation pics of Ray and I! You REALLY want to see and hear about Parker! :)

He is doing great!! It's not officially football season and I was SO excited to have him wear his OSU jersey. As you can see he is super cute in the scarlet and gray! He will also be sporting New York Giants and Greenbay Packers items this Fall as well. Pics of those outfits to come soon!
Parker is almost 10 months old and is doing well. He recently had his second double ear infection. This time mommy knew the signs so we caught it sooner than the first time. He brings so much joy to our lives. I know some people read this and think, she always says that. Yes, we have our frustrating moments but it makes the great moments even better.

Below is a very sweet moment of Parker playing with his Poopa. The reason that Parker only has a diaper on is because minutes before this he puked all over himself. Now looking back he did have an ear infection (that I didn't know about at the time) but really the kids knows he can control two things...what goes in and what come out. So if we try to get him to try a food that has a little bit of texture he gags himself and pukes! Those are the trying and frustrating times... but he is pretty cute so that helps get over those moments.

I hope everyone is doing well! More pics and videos to come...

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