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Parker's Delivery Video, One Born Every Minute

Parker's birth was very special for many reasons. One being that his birth was filmed by a professional production company. In October and November 2010 there was a production company filming for a show called, One Born Every Minute, at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus Ohio. The show had a different spin on filming the labor and delivery process and had mounted cameras in labor and delivery rooms but also filmed the staff behind the scenes. They were also given special access into operating rooms to film c-section deliveries as well. In a typical c-section situation the hospitals typically do not allow video taping to take place. We were one of the lucky few who had our story filmed for this show. Even though we didn't make cut for the TV show we where given an 8 min video of Parker's birth. We will cherish this for years to come!

Here is the back story...
Parker was scheduled to be born via c-section (breach baby) on Wednesday November 24, 2010 (the day before Thanksgiving). The production company had already been at our home weeks prior to his delivery to film personal interviews and footage of us putting together baby items. We were all ready to show up to the hospital on that Wednesday and have a baby. Parker had a different idea... On Friday November 19, 2010 we went in for our last doctors appointment. The nurse did not instruct me to take off my clothes for a "check" so I didn't. When the doctor walked in he said, "What no check today??" My doctor is funnier than all get out so to hear him say this very funny. I said to him, "Simon didn't say to take my pants off so I didn't!" We skipped the check since all was going well and my c-section was scheduled for the following Wednesday.

On Saturday November 20th I sent shopping with my mom. We went to Kohls and ran some other errands. I wasn't feeling good and had a lot of pressure but didn't think anything of it. We met my dad at a Mexican restaurant for lunch. I didn't eat anything other than chips and salsa. Ray was busy working around the house and getting last minute projects completed. I decided to spend the late afternoon early evening just laying in bed watching TV Ray was working in the garage and had not had a shower for the day. As my shows were changing and my 6pm program started I felt a small pop down "there" and I felt as if I peed my pants. OH SHIT MY WATER BROKE! This is not suppose to be happening!! I had a c-section scheduled!!! I went to the bathroom and sure enough my underwear were pretty wet. I was screaming for Ray, no answer. So I ran (ok walked fast) downstairs and open the garage door and yell, "My water BROKE! He is coming today!!" Ray said, "What? Are you sure??" I was totally sure!! I told him to go upstairs and take the quickest shower he has ever taken. I called the on call number and they took all my info. The doctor on call contacted me within minutes. I let him know all the details and then told him, by the way Dr.Melillo wants you to call him so he can deliver my baby. The on call doctor was taken by surprise and said, "Oh really, did he give you his number to call?? I will contact him and see what he says." I swear dude I didn't make that up, Dr.M really wants to deliver my baby. When the on call doctor called Dr. M, he of course said I will be right there!! Lucky Dr. M was dropping his son off at the movies just minutes away from the hospital. I called my parents and we were off to the hospital.

I was in active labor and the contractions and back labor started. The ride from Grove City to Riverside hospital on a Saturday night seemed to take F-O-R-E-V-E-R! I was trying to breath and work through the pain. It was very intense and more than I thought I would have to experience since I knew I was having a c-section!! The traffic light off of the hospital exit seemed to take forever to change and at one point Ray almost ran it! When we arrived to the labor and delivery entrance the production company, along with my parents, where waiting to film our delivery. We all had microphones and I was wheeled into labor and delivery. The nurses asked me 20 questions and one being, when did you see the doctor last? Uh, yesterday. And I wasn't checked. At this point not a lot of laughing, I just wanted Parker out!! They also asked me how I knew Parker was breach... Well, his head is up under my ribs so yeah I know. The resident on duty did a quick ultrasound and yep he was still breach. They then did a quick internal check and yep I was 8cm dilated!! What!?!? The mood of the room quickly went from: la, la, la, dum, da-dum, da-dum to OH SHIT! Everyone was moving very quickly!! In the video you see Dr.M come in and say, "I told you I should have checked you yesterday!" I am then wheeled into the operating room and you can watch the magic happen! :)

Parker's Delivery Video:
Disclaimer: This is a c-section delivery so there is a little blood. Kids can watch, it's what they would have shown on TV.
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