Tuesday, September 28, 2010

32 weeks, feeling showered...

Welcome to 32 weeks! Let the fun begin!

We had our first baby shower on Saturday and we received lots of useful and thoughtful gifts! This week we have more to come so we are looking forward to seeing our friends and family and celebrate! We have dreamed of being at this place for years and it surreal to actually be here!! We are so blessed to have some many wonderful people showering us with love and support. Here are a few pics...

Grandma Terry & Leslie 31 weeks!

Side view!

Sarah, Natalie & Liz did a great job! They had craft where guests decorated bibs, burb cloths and oensies!
The Hallinan Family made us this wonderful diaper cake!

We will go back to the doctor next week to have an ultrasound to see how big Parker is and to check on his position. We will know more after this visit and will start to see the doctor more often if he is getting too big too quick. We will have to wait and see! Hope everyone has a great week and we will have more pics to post after all of the festivities! Love you all!

Monday, September 20, 2010

31 weeks & feeling pregnant

I know I have been pregnant for 31 weeks but I have just started to feel the pain! :) I am starting to get more tired and my back is not feeling so well. I do love however all of the movement that Parker is making in my belly. He has been very active and lots of solid kicks and punches. He is really good at kicking when Ray or my Dad puts their hands of my belly but when Grandma Terry wants to feel , he stops. She isn't feeling the love right now but I am sure she will get her turn very soon!

The downfall over the last couple of weeks has been being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I was very upset when I first found out but after meeting with a great friend, Amber Foster, who also has diabetes, I felt much better. She met with me before my appointment with the dietitian. We brainstormed ideas of what to eat and Amber prepared me for the worst. After meeting with the dietitian and getting my meter I felt very prepared and informed. There was no crying from being overwhelmed just a determination to follow the plan and control my sugar. It's not really a diet, it's how I should have been eating anyway so I am going to make this a life change. I feel so much better with having my belly full all of the time and never "stuffed". I know I need to make these changes to help Parker and myself! Thank you Amber for your love and support! :)

Now that I have that schedule down I am now trying to relax and prepare for a very busy October. We have plans to attend a breastfeeding class, labor & delivery class and many events with in the family. Thank you for reading and we hope to see everyone very soon! Love you all!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Parker's Room & Gifts

Happy 29 weeks! Parker and I are doing great. I am trying to rest, relax and not do to much. Work has been crazy busy, especially coming back after being off for a week. It was nice to then have a nice 3-day weekend! We spent time with family over the weekend and enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather! I am really excited for fall to be here and stay. That reminds me, I tried to find an OSU shirt that fit and didn't have short sleeves that looked super long... well no luck! I am going to just wear a gray shirt with my buckeye necklace, that will get me through the season!!

Below are some pics of the nursery. We are still doing a little at a time but it's really coming together! We hung thermal curtains to block out the light (sun sets right in his room) and it made the room look so complete!! :)

Well, we have some pretty special boys in our lives. Our god sons; Camden, Keegan and Carter. We have a special bond that will last a life time. We are so excited for them to help us welcome Parker to the world in a few short months. To help us do this they made Parker some very special gifts!!
Camden made Parker "Ken Griffy"
Keegan made Parker "Army Bear"
Carter made Parker "And Beyond" (buzzlight year)

We are so appreciative of the love they share with us!
Thanks to PoPa and Grandma Terry for helping make these special gifts!