Sunday, November 28, 2010

Parker's First Week

Parker is now 1 week old! This week has been filled with so much joy and excitement. Ray and I both are settling into parenthood and figuring everything out together. I still pinch myself thinking that I might be dreaming. I can't believe we have a baby! We are a family! It's so surreal and hard for me to take in at times.

Parker has to follow up with the cardiologist this week since he decided to get his heart rate up right after delivery. All of the tests came back looking good but we still have to do a follow up just to check in.

Here are a few pictures from Parker's first week... enjoy! :)

First OSU game... made it even better that it was OSU vs Michigan

Mommy & Parker getting ready for his first mini bath

Grandma Terry & Poopa hanging out with Parker on game day

Aunt Liz over for a visit

Mommy & Daddy love you Parker so very much!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Parker Has Arrived!!

I am sorry for the delay but we welcomed

Parker Douglas Gibbs into the world on Saturday November 20, 2010!

He is doing GREAT! He was working the system and made his heart rate spike right after birth which meant he had to go spend some "alone" time in the NICU. We think he just wanted a private room with his own nurse!! :) He is doing great and is now with mommy and daddy (who are over joyed)!! Birth story and more to come but here is what you really want to see, pictures!!

This is me Friday night (not having a clue how my life would change on Sat)
birth story to come later! :)

Parker & mommy in recovery

Mommy, Daddy and Parker in the NICU

Overjoyed daddy in our room! We both feel so blessed!

Grandma Sharon came to visit!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Last Doctor's Appt!! YEAH!

Well, we had our last doctor's appointment today! YEAH!!

Parker is still breech and no real changes. We love our doctor and like usual he cracked us up while we were there. We are so lucky to have such a great doctor to help us through this wonderful journey!!

We are scheduled for a c-section on Wednesday 11/24. Yes, I know, we will be in the hospital for Thanksgiving. It doesn't matter to me where we are as long as we are together as a family!! We are so excited to meet Parker that I can hardly stand it! We will be taking the laptop and camera with us to the hospital so we will keep you posted. Even if he comes sooner you will know!

Until then.... love you all!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Second to last doctor's appt!

Well, we went to the doctor this past Friday and Parker is still breech! The doc didn't check his weight but he did "check" me and I am dilated 2cm and thinning out (my cervix not my waste). :)
The doc thinks I will go sometime this week but we will just have to wait and see. They were not able to get us scheduled for the c-section until Wed Nov 24th, at 2pm!! They tried to tell me that I couldn't eat after midnight and then have to be at the hospital at noon. Who tells a pregnant lady she can't eat?? Well, if Parker does not make his debut this week we will see the doc again Friday so I will talk to him them about the whole not eating thing.... :) We are ready and we are just trying to rest and relax while we anticipate this arrival!!

I do want to say how much I have enjoyed being pregnant. Even with all of the aches and pains they don't seem to bother me much. I feel so blessed to be where we are and I am SO thankful for this experience. Please pray that we have a happy & healthy delivery!! Keep checking back for updates!

Monday, November 08, 2010

38 weeks

We went to the doctor on Friday and Parker weights 6lbs 15 oz! He is still breech so we continue to check on him. If labor doesn't start on its own we will have an induction or c-section around the 22nd!! He will be here soon!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

37 weeks! 3 weeks to go...

Today is my 37 week mark! Tomorrow I can say I have 2 weeks & 6 days!! :) We have a doctor's appointment later this week so I will have another update then. To hold you over until then... here are some of the pictures we had taken. McFalls Images took the pics and we are very pleased with the results! Hope you enjoy!