Thursday, May 31, 2012

18 months

Parker recently had his 18 month check up! Really, 18 months!!! Time is flying by. Here are his stats...

32 inches long
25 lbs 2 oz
head size, is above average :)

He is repeating everything we say so we have to be careful! :) he also just started saying, "I pooed, I pooed!" so we got two training potties to start to introduce the idea. Now if we can get him to tell us before he "poos" that will be better.

He has been using his head as a weapon. He has a big head so it's considered deadly weapon! He recently got in a fight with a high hair and school... this is the result...

Two days later it looks back to normal now. Many more of these to come, I am sure!

Parker loves his "drrrrrrr" also known as a drink. He will drink from any kind of cup. Here he is sharing with Daddy at Bob Evans.

Uncle Jimmy got him this cool water bottle. Parker loves to use his new cup. He is such a big boy!

We are all doing well & enjoying the summer weather. More pics & updates to come.

Monday, May 21, 2012

My little Jibber Jabber!

YouTube Video

I think he sounds like he's ordering Chinese! :) He is the cutest thing ever!!!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Animal Crackers & The Laptop

Parker loves him some animal crackers! Problem is, so does Buddy the dog! They both had to share the cookies and that didn't make either of them happy. Parker enjoys "pretending" that is he going to give you something and then he snatches it away. He was doing this to the dog and thought it was funny.

Parker has Poopa's super old laptop. It doesn't work but he sure loves to push the keys! :) The laptop weights as much as Parker but he insists on carrying it around and putting it on his lap.

Grandma Terry is helping his write his novel... The Life of a Baby... it's very interesting! ;)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Time to play catch up...

Hi everyone! I know you all come here to see cute pics of Parker and stay connected to the Gibbs family. I wanted to take the time to post about what we have been up to and share a few pics.

I really am trying to be better about updating the blog. Life is busy and I know, everyone is busy but I have to remind myself what is important. Even with that some nights I can't even hold my head up after putting Parker down let alone type something that makes sense on the blog. I want this to be a place where everyone can keep up with us but also a story for Parker to read later in life. It's easy to get distracted by Facebook, Pinterest, Words with Friends or other time sucking, mind numbing activities.

The house...

We have lived in our house for 6 years. We bought his house because we loved everything about it. We wanted to move to a better neighborhood and schools. We wanted to have a family. That last one didn't turn out like we planned. We have a daughter who loves in heaven. We have our son Parker who is 17 months old. We have our two children that we had dreamed of but just not in the way we could have ever imagined. We are in a good place and have are very blessed. As time change and plans change we started to get restless. We would love to sell our home and purchase a smaller home, closer to Hilliard. This would help us save money and be closer to family. The money we would save could go toward buying land to eventually build our dream home. We listed our house in the fall of 2011. Lots of showings, the spring like winter helped, but everyone says the same thing, "love the house just not the street it sits on." Don't get me started on that topic, buy anyway I can't change the road so I have to learn to accepted the feedback. It has almost 7 months and since we relisted we have dried up on showings. Since the house has been on the market we have done a lot of cleaning and organizing and I think it has made us realize how much we really do love our home. If we are going to stay here I want to enjoy everything about it! I am action oriented and I always want to be moving in a forward direction. We have lots of projects that we didn't start because the house is on the market and some that we didn't really think about until Parker arrived. We are moving forward with a few projects that will help us make this house a home and as we work through the emotions I think help us decide it we really want to sell or not. More to come on this topic but for now our house is still on the market.


Oh, Parker how I love thee! Parker is as such a fun but also frustrating age. When he is happy... he is happy. When he is mad... well he is mad! He is 17 months and so smart. He loves his daycare and is so excited to play, eat and hug his classmates. I am thinking that he might be moving up to the next room at daycare soon. We will have to wait and see! The frustrating part right now is that we can't always understand what he wants so he gets frustrated with us which in turn makes him angry and then he throws something and then we get angry...and the cycle continues. We are all learning and in time we usually figure it out. I am so proud to report that he says "Peazzz (please)" and "Tank You (thank you)" for EVERYTHING! He is so polite. I started to realize that Ray and I say those two phrases to each other ALOT so he is learning what he hears. It makes me so proud to hear him say these words!! As for his ears, they have been ok. Easter night his right ear started bleeding! Yes, freak out moment here. He had an ear infection which then led to a visit with the ENT. His right ear tube has been clogged ever since. He goes back this next week to see if the treatment we have been using has helped. Please keep your fingers crossed that his tube is clear and infection free! The pic above is from a park not even 1/2 mile from our house. Another reason we love our house... This summer should be lots of fun with parks, pool and the zoo.

Ray & Leslie...

We are good! Work is good for the both of us and we are good. Parker keeps us busy! We strive everyday to do the best we can and give Parker as much love and guidance as possible. Parker and daddy have date night on Thursdays so that mommy can have girls night out or just a night to get some errands run. It gives mommy a much needed break one night a week. It's good for everyone!! We are working on projects around the house. I promise to post before and after pics.

That's all I have for now... Life is too short not to be happy and to enjoy the blessing you have!

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