Friday, January 27, 2012

Amazing growth...

For some this might be just how kids are but for us we are amazed! In the last few weeks Parker has been amazing us with his growth & development. Like I mentioned before, he has been using a sippy cup for about a month and now that he has that down he will drink from different types of sippies. It's also just been in the last few weeks that he has been eating big boy food with little to NO gagging!!

As you can see below he loves him some mac & cheese! His coordination with a fork and spoon is getting much better as well. His routine is changing so much but in good ways!!

He even likes to share!

He is such a blessing and we love him so very much! He makes the little things in life so exciting. I know he will continue to amaze us and make us proud. Everything is does is so very special... Love you Parker!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Parker is 14 months old!

Our little boy is growing up so fast! We had been concerned because he wasn't taking to finger foods like we thought he should. The doctor told us not to worry and if he wasn't doing better by 15 months we would talk then. I was also scared for weaning him off the bottle and onto a sippy cup. Well, all our fears are now gone! He is now eating finger food like a champ and he has been on a sipppy cup since the beginning of 2012! He wanted to ring in the new year with some new tricks. We are very thankful that it came on his time and he is doing great! Here are some of his favorite foods right now...

- Cheerios
- Puffies
- Scrambled eggs
- Popcorn
- Corn Twisties (special gift from Uncle Frank)
- Honeydew Melon
- Cantaloupe
- Toast
- Mac & Cheese
- Loves to drink milk and water!

His personality is so strong and he is learning so much. It's amazing to see him respond to directions. He picks and chooses what he listens to but he does respond! :) His big words are daddy, momma, DOG, baby (we think this is for his milk) and Ohhh. When people come to visit or when we get home from work he runs to the laundry room to greet you at the door. Oh, yes he is running. Ok, maybe more of a fast waddle but he can move so quickly.

We are loving every minute of watching him grow into a toddler. We are so thankful for our friends and family who help us through. We love you all very much! Enjoy the pics! :)

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Parker being silly...

These are just a few pictures of Parker being silly! He loves to play and get into trouble. Just wanted to share! :) He is about 13 months or so in these pics.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Year, Positive Start

Don't be scared... the pictures above are of Parker after wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours. The first is when he was 6 months old (May 2011) and the picture on the left is he was 13 months old (December 2011). Look how much he has changed!!

The good news is that after this last heart monitoring session we just got word back that everything looks good and he has no sign of SVT! YEAH! This means no more medication and he doesn't have to go back to the cardiologist until he is 3 years old. We are very excited that he is in good health and no more heart meds.

We are starting off the year on this positive note and hope for more positive events during the next year. We have had our house on the market for about 3 months and not much action. We know it's not the BEST time but putting it out there is what we needed to do. We just had a showing today so PLEASE pray that we sell our home quickly and smoothly. We want to move to Hilliard into a smaller house and closer to family.

This year will be full of positive experiences and I hope to share most of them with you! :)  Here is to a happy and healthy New Year!