Sunday, August 29, 2010

We would like you to meet....

Parker Douglas Gibbs

He is 27 weeks here and was very shy of the camera! :)
We feel so very blessed! We love Parker so very much!
I am a little bias but I think he is pretty handsome!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

27 weeks, a name and 3rd Trimester!

We are happy to say that we are officially 27 weeks and are moving into the 3rd trimester! We are very excited to have made it this far and are looking forward to the next 13 weeks (ish). :)

During the summer we usually take a vacation to the beach. Well, that was not happening this summer so instead we spent some time with my Aunt & Uncle in Providence, Rhode Island. We had a great time, even though it rained everyday! It worked out because it was very cool and since my internal oven is already on, the cooler weather made me more comfortable. We had a great time laughing, eating, walking and eating some more! I know that Parker enjoyed all of the good food. On our last night I had lobster bisque and scallops. When we got back to the hotel he was doing flips in my belly! It was so weird! All Ray and I could do was laugh!! Here are some pics from our trip:

We went to Mohegan Sun Casino (lots of shopping and things to see)

We also spent sometime at the Mystic, CT Aquarium

Last but not least, baby boy Gibbs has a name!

Parker Douglas Gibbs

We had a long list that we ponder for weeks. But once I put Ray's middle name with "Parker" we were in love!!

We will have more ultrasound pics to share next week! Love you all very much!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Almost 26 weeks... busy, busy, busy

25 Weeks & 6 days... (tomorrow will be 26 weeks) :)

Well, all is good! We have been busy around the house (like usual) and trying to do a little at a time. I have been having some pains that coincide with doing too much! I think it's a ligament or muscle being over worked in the top of my belly. No worries just my little alert that it's time to rest. Ray has been more than wonderful and takes great care of both of us. He is truly the best husband! Time is just flying by and I can't believe we are on the down hill slide to September. We have some very exciting events coming up that I promise I will share! Now onto the pictures!!

25 weeks 6 days pregnant (don't knock the great outfit) :)

Here is the bedding that Aunt Winnie & Uncle Brad bought for the baby!
The nursery (work in progress) don't mind the stool in the middle of the room
The beautiful dresser!
The nicely lined drawers (NB & 0-3month oensies from Aunt Natalie)

We hope that everyone is staying cool! We are ready for the fall weather. Take care and we love you all!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

24 weeks!

Well, all is well in our 24th week! Baby Boy Gibbs (name will be released to the public very soon) :) is kicking me up a storm and I love every minute of it!! We have a nightly ritually that consists of me laying prompted up in bed and feeling him kick and move. Ray and I will lay there for at least 20 minutes, oohing and ahhing at the miracle of this baby! He has given us so much joy and I am sure we will be overwhelmed with joy when we get to hold him. His presents has also reminded us what is important. Those frustrating days at work seem to melt away when I feel him kick me. Maybe he is reminding me to chill out and enjoy the moment!

We "chilled" out last weekend with Grandma Terry and PoPa (Leslie's parents). They came over to work on projects. Ray and PoPa put the crib and changing table together while Grandma Terry and I cleaned and organized the dining room. We have miscellaneous stuff scattered around the house so the goal was to get everything that didn't belong into one place. we will figure out what to do with it all later but at least I can see what needs a new home! :)

Below are the pictures of the new furniture! More pics will come next week when we get the dresser in the room also!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Love you all!