Thursday, December 02, 2010

1st Week at Home

Well, it's been one week since we came home. It's been a long but exciting week here. Ray has been off work which has been wonderful. We have been trying to work out a sleep schedules for ourselves, some days it works and others it doesn't! :) Mr. Parker is breastfeeding and doing well with eating but he is not gaining weight. This means many visits to the pediatricians office to keep checking his weight. If he doesn't gain during tomorrows visit we will have to come up with a new game plan.

Parker had his first bath and he had his first visit with the Hix Boys! :) Both were very eventful!! He also had his first outing to Babies R Us and then we stopped at iHop for lunch. Here are some pics from that last few days.

Parker's first bath! He loved his little frog cover up!
Hanging out at home with Mommy & Daddy!
Carter, Camden, Parker & Keegan: they love him so much already!!

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