Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas! Happy 5 Weeks!

Merry 1st Christmas Parker!

Well, it's hard to believe that Parker is 5 weeks old! He is the love of our lives and we are loving being his parents. He had a busy week with a visit to Franklin University, Christmas Eve with Grandma Sharon and Christmas day with Poopa, Grandma Terry, Uncle Jimmy and the Hix Clan! His 1st Christmas was great (just another day to him) and he got to wear lots of different outfits. You can see the from collage above he had at least three wardrobe changes!! :) These outfits will be available for anyone needing them for next Christmas cause he won't fit into them again!! Here are more pics from the past week...

Parker now has a Wubbanub. What is that you might ask... kinda like a beanie baby attached to a pacifier. It helps hold it in his mouth and he can hold on to it when he is older. It also gives mom a few more inches when reaching into the bassinet to put it back in his mouth... :)
Visit to Franklin!! He got to check out mommy's office and all of her great co-workers. We only got a few pics... Below is Melissa getting her "baby time" in...
Uncle Paul looks so awkward in this pic but he was doing a great job with Parker!
Oh, man we have it on camera, Uncle Wayne holding a baby! Someone stop the press!
Last but not least I had to put a pic of Parker and Mommy! I am not wearing mascara these days (too hard to deal with during long days) so I think I look weird.

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