Friday, December 17, 2010

4 weeks... getting so big...

This past week has been busy! Ray is back to work and busier than ever. Working retail around the holidays (especially at Best Buy) can be a little hectic! Parker and I are trying to let him sleep at much as possible but that is hard to do when sleep is hard to come by for all of us.

We had lots of visitors this week and enjoyed every minute. We are very excited about Parker's first Christmas and we have the tree up and a few decorations around the house. Ray even put lights outside on the bushes. They look really pretty under the snow. We have a busy week ahead of us. Parker has his 1 month appointment as well as an ultrasound on his hips. Since he was breech they like to check the hips to make sure all is good. We also are going to visit my work to show off Parker. Then Christmas Eve, Christmas day and all of the other family visits we will make.

We are all tired but loving (almost) every minute! :) Here are pics from the last week. Enjoy!

Great Grandma Schupp, Grandma Sharon, Daddy & Parker

Uncle Trent made an appearance :)
Trent you are so cute, well not as cute as Parker but... :)
Meredith and Kristen stopped over and brought us yummy wraps!

Parker ended the week with a visit to Grandma Terry and Poopa's house! Poopa babysat while the girls went shopping. Parker looks pretty happy to be with Poopa! :)

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