Sunday, December 05, 2010

Parker is 2 weeks old!

Wow, these past two weeks have gone by fast! We are loving ever minute of being parents and even being tired doesn't get us down. We were prepared for the challenges and never thought it would be easy. But when you look into Parker's eyes they make you melt! Being a parent is such a blessing!!

Parker is still not gaining weight, not losing, but not gaining. We have been adding a bottle of formula to his schedule and go back to the doctor today. We will see if the formula has helped him gain any. Not sure what we will need to do if that doesn't work.

Last week Parker also had his follow up appointment with the cardiologist at Children's Hospital. We had to go for a check up since his heart rate went up right after birth, this is why he was in the NICU for the first two days. Well, what we thought would be a one time visit turned out to be a little more. Parker has been diagnosed with SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia). I think we were both surprised the he will need to be treated for at least a year on medication. We will have to visit the cardiologist on a regular basis and we will need to check his heart rate on a regular basis. He started his medication last week and seems to like it. I like it because is smells like lime margarita mix!! :) We are hopeful that the medication will help fend off and more episodes. We are very cautious with him right now but know he will do great!

This week Ray goes back to work so it should be interesting with the two of us home alone. I was just released to drive and carry more than 10lbs on Saturday. This means I haven't driven since 11/20 & I haven't had to carry the car seat. I am sure I can handle the challenge but it will be interesting with this cold wind and snow!! Wish me luck! Have a great week everyone!

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