Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Parker Gained Weight!

Family Dinner

So we went to the doctor on Monday and Parker gained 4 oz! Doesn't sound like much but it was an improvement. That means we don't have to keep going to the dr for weight ins. We have his 1 month appointment set up for later this month so he can wait until then for another check. The one bottle of formula a day seems to be helping! :)

Ray went back to work on Monday and my mom came to stay with me Monday and Tuesday. It was a big help to have extra hands while Ray was away. It helped me transition into being home alone with Parker. He was a little cranky on Monday so the help was very much needed!! Above is a pic mom took of us eating our yummy lasagna dinner from the Chenetski Family! We have had lots of visitors over the past few days, so here are some pics!! :)

Uncle Jimmy stopped over to see how cute Parker is in person! :)

Mara came over with her mommy (Wendi) to bring us dinner and to visit!

Aunt Sarah stopped over at lunch time to get a little Parker love'n!

Great Aunt Debbie came over to visit with Parker :)

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WineLover said...

yay! so happy that he gained some weight! I hope to finish up the picture editing soon too now that we are back and getting settled back in.