Monday, January 28, 2013

Pinterest obsession

What did we do before Pinterest? How did we eat? How did we know how to clean? How did we know what crafts to make??
These are the pressing questions of the day! :) Really, I love Pinterest!! Others complain about not doing anything with the ideas they pin but I have been on a roll! Here are a few projects we have completed...
Lego table! The mat is being held down by 3M innovation sticky tabs. Should come off with no problem.

My first turkey.... found recipe on Pinterest

Picture frame from Michael's. Spray painted. Hooks to hold decorative items (can't see these, hubby put them on the inside lip of the frame). Last but not least 3M innovation velcro strips to hold this on the door. Will post a new picture soon of the decorations in the frame.

Cute ideas on cheap decorations. Printed Valentine's day sheet & framed with existing frame. Made the banner with paper plates we had at home.

Love this sight and hope to do more projects! The food recipes have been a wonderful help as we try to eat out less. More to come about our Pinterest food ideas!
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WineLover said...

I love it too! I have made a lot of the food that I see on there and more often (like the lego cake) go there to get ideas for things that I don't quite know how to do...
love it!!