Sunday, January 27, 2013

Potty Trained

This is the type of picture that he is going to kill me for sharing! :) But it's well worth it!

We purchased potty's for Parker when he was about 18 months old. While we were in the bathroom he would sit and pretend on his potty. We never pushed the issue but we want him to be familiar with the concept.

The last week of December I decided to try some potty training tips I had learned from others.
1. We put the little potty in the living room on a towel
2. We bought new big boy underwear, Spiderman, we knew he would LOVE these
3. We set a timer for every 20 mins. The timer was set to quack like a duck so he was familiar and excited about the alarm.

He loved the idea for maybe a day. He had accidents and we were all growing frustrated. I could only keep this process up on the weekends because I wasn't ready to pass this off to daycare just yet. They were more than willing to help I just wanted to be the one to help him get there.

So fast forward to January 15, 2013 (about two weeks later). We walk into daycare and Parker sees Gabby (girl in his class) coming out of the bathroom and she is pulling up her big girl underwear. He looks at me and the director of the daycare and says, I go potty! So the director looked at me and said, well ok then, lets go potty! The director took him every hour that day. He had a diaper on (I didn't plan on him asking) that day and stayed dry most of the day. The following day we packed up 3 changes of clothes and put big boy underwear on and that was the end of the story! He has been going ever since!!

I give him all of the credit for this great accomplishment! He is 2 years and 2 months old and we are diaper free! He had a little trouble with #2 on the potty but after about week he got the hang of that and is doing great. He is even staying dry at night and at nap time. We have all been amazed at how fast he caught on and how he is sticking with it!

All diapers are gone. Changing table has been removed from his room. Aunt Whiz (Liz) now has diaper genie's, changing table pad, covers and more! The box of unopened diapers have been returned to Target. Parker has earned many cars in the last week for going #2 on the potty.

Needless to say we are so proud of Parker and now let the bathroom hunts begin!

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