Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trying to stay up to date

I like others try to do way to much. I want to have all of the pictures neatly organized so I can retrieve and post them in a timely manner. I want my life to be seamless, organized and productive. I want to be the best mom, wife and career women that I can be. I strive to everything well so it is frustrating when certain areas of my life are not meeting my expectations. I say all of this in an effort to put it out there that things are not perfect and never will be. Life would be boring if there weren't challenges and obstacles keeping us on our toes. My posts may become more random this year and more often about random topics. As Parker gets older and changes so am I and my need to share, document and vent will be come part of my blog. More sharing of my feelings, food ideas and more is what you will see. Most of you reading are family & friends. Some of you know me very well and others from a distance but I hope you will get to know and understand me more as I blog. I will be real and honest so just a heads up. Not that I haven't been in the past but most of my posts are updates on family and less about how I am feeling.

Here is to a new year and new adventures for us all!

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