Monday, February 25, 2013

He better be glad he is cute!

Oh, the joys/challenges of having a two year old boy. I always tell him, you better be glad you are cute. Wow, he really knows how to push my buttons. We actually push each others buttons. With Ray working different hours before it was mostly Parker and I together so that meant getting on each others nerves. It's funny that even at 2 he knows how to challenge everything!! Here are the great things he says now... and where he gets it from...

- I gunna bust PaPa's butt! (Yeah that is what I say to him)
- You wanna piece of me?? (No clue where he heard this one)
- I sorry mommy, I didn't mean to (insert what he did), it accident!
- Stop talking to me mommy/daddy (not sure we don't say that to him)
- You make me sad mommy/daddy (when we won't give in)
- This last time mommy? (jumping off something or drink of water before bed)
- I huh not know. (not sure why he adds the extra word in but he does, it's funny how they hear things that aren't there)

Doesn't he just look rotten!?!?

Potty training is well... done. He is all good and has been accident free for some time. He is even dry at night! We could not be more thrilled and super excited. I just realized that we won't need swim diapers this summer so that is even a bigger bonus.

The month of February has gone by so quickly. I said I was going to blog more and well I haven't. I find myself just wanting to go to bed and sleep. Parker usually is down and out by 8pm. By the time I brush my teeth, wash my face and get little things done around the house my bed is call my name. My eyes are heavy and I am ready to say goodnight. On that note... goodnight! :)

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