Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 18 - Traveling Pregnant

Week 18 is upon us and things are growing each day! We just returned from a weekend trip to Annapolis, Maryland. We went to help my Aunt Susan and Uncle Larry celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. The weekend was filled with great times with family and lots of good food! I have to share all of the details. If any of you watch the Food Network their is a small show called "Ace of Cakes". Where they follow a baker named Duff at "Charm City Cakes". Well my aunt is a big fan so their cake was made by "Charm City Cakes"!! It was out of this world!There were three different flavors and I liked two of the three! :) We even had some leftovers on Sunday and it was still wonderful!

I have decided that this will probably be my last time traveling while I am pregnant. I am still very comfortable but as I get bigger it will only get harder. Ray could tell I was tired and edgy at times. He was so great and took care of all of my needs. We flew out late Friday and flew home late Sunday so my sleep schedule was off and I was hungry all the time! It was nice to be away from home but I was glad to see my bed Sunday night! We both took Monday off and tried to relax. We are getting a new roof so the roofers started at 8:30am! :) We took the day and went shopping at the outlet mall. It was a great day to be outside and we got a few things for us while we there.

Here are a few pics from this weekend. The red dress I had in my closet, it's my $11.99 dress from Wal-Mart! It will be perfect for any special events that might come up over the summer. It was super comfy!

Ray & I enjoying the sun set!
Ray loving his red velvet cake! :)

What a cute family!
The baby bump!

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WineLover said...

You look fabulous and so does that cake!!