Monday, April 20, 2009

17 weeks = turnip

Wow, how time flies! I can't believe that we are at week 17 already. The baby is now the size of a turnip. I guess that is about 5 inches from the top of the baby's head to its bottom :) I am feeling good. I had a long week at work and I was on my feet a lot so resting is part of the plan this week. On Wed April 15th I think I felt the baby while I was lying in bed on my left side. It felt like a one two punch but not for sure if it was the baby or something else! :)

Below are some pics of my growing belly. I went to JC Penny and bought some new work pants and a pair of shorts to prepare for summer. While I was there I couldn't help but look at baby items. I have been really good and have not bought a thing, until this weekend! :) I only picked up a pack of bibs and some birp cloths. It was nice to buy something for our new baby. Nothing big but it's something. :)

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