Tuesday, May 05, 2009

19 weeks = Tomato

I can't believe that we are at week 19! Each week is such a blessing and we are counting down the days! So this week the baby is as big as a Heirloom Tomato?!? My mom is a gardener and knows exactly what that looks like. For those of us that don't here is a pic...
Now, that we have the fruit of the week out of the way... :) We have been busily planning the baby's room. Sarah Petereit (Baker) has been helping us pick out colors and ideas for either a boy or a girl. The room we will be using is already Pepto-Bismol Pink! Our house was an old model home so this room was decorated as a girl's nursery. Either way we are painting the room. We will also be putting in a new closet system so we can make better use of the space. Ray is getting ready to sand the nail holes that he filled and then primer the walls. Pink is a tough color to cover but I know he can do it! :) Once we find out the sex of the baby on May 21st, we (we, as in Ray) can start painting!

I am still feeling really good. I have gained about 3 lbs, so far so good! Ray thinks my belly keeps getting bigger each day. Depending on the clothes I wear to work you can really tell on some days and other days I hide it well. I know some of the other pregnant buddies are still sick so I hope they are feeling better soon!

Next week will be the half way mark so I will have pics of my growing belly and a good story!

I wanted to give a quick congrats to Elizabeth (Liz) Smith and her new fiance Tom Ayers! They just got engaged over the weekend and I am so excited to help them plan for their big day! Congrats!

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