Saturday, July 30, 2011

Enjoying Each Day

Parker loves his car!

Parker is changing everyday! He is army crawling everywhere! He is super fast too. They say babies sometime skip crawling & go straight to walking, this will be Parker. He loves pulling himself up on things and just standing there watching the world. He has also learned to use his tongue more. It's weird, one day he just started sticking his tongue out more while he was chewing on things, like he was eating an ice-cream cone. Ray & I were dying laughing because he looked so funny!! So we then decided it was time to try giving him a Cherrio again (didn't go well last time, see older post) and he did great. We only gave hike one...we didn't want to push our luck.

Ray & I have been regrouping. What does that mean? We are trying to make sure we know what our long term goals are and have a plan to get there. One of our goals is to move back to Hilliard to be closer to our families. We also want to buy a smaller house on some land. To make sure we are working toward that goal we have been cleaning and purging. We need to live with less and get our house ready so when we are ready to make a move we will be prepared. We are getting ready for a garage sale next weekend and whatever doesn't sell will be donated. This has been a therapeutic process & has helped make our relationship even stronger!! Love you all!!

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