Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cry It Out & Weaning

Well, I decided to propose that we start letting Parker "cry it out" at bed time. He usually falls asleep nursing and sometimes would wake up in the middle of night. To try for a better routine I decided to try it. Ray was skeptical about it actually working. He had tried it many times at nap time but he was not following the method correctly... he would pick Parker up and then lay him back down. Ray was waiting to say.... I told you so... but it worked! Parker cried for 30 minutes and then he was OUT! He slept from 8:30pm-7am! Over the past 5 nights he has cried it out 3 of those nights and slept straight through the night and for at least 9.5 hours. We are all very happy!

Parker is also being weaned off breasfeeding. I am very happy & proud of myself for breastfeeding as long as I have. He will be 8 months old in a few weeks and by that time he will be weaned. We are very lucky that he was able to switch from bottle to breast with no problem. I was pumping at work twice a day and it was very challenging. Ray would feed him what I had pumped so he had breast milk the majority of the time. We were using formula as needed when we where out and about. That also has helped the transition. We have been SO lucky that it has been going so well and that he has been so healthy. I really have loved breastfeeding and bonding with Parker but I would be lying if I said I was going to miss it.

Here is to big changes and more to come every week! I will be posting some pics from the 4th of July! :) Have a great day!

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