Monday, March 30, 2009

14 weeks Baby = lemon

Well, the 14th week is upon us. My belly is growing and people are starting to notice. Ray is especially infatuated with my belly getting so hard. At first it was a little soft but then one day it was hard as a rock. Very weird feeling! says that the baby is as big as a lemon this week. I love how they compare everything to fruit. Even funnier, the title of the slide show is called "Poppy seed to pumpkin: How big is your baby?" Doesn't pushing out a pumpkin sound like FUN!
Below are some pics I took of my belly. I will try and sport the same type of tank top so that you can watch me grow! :) Remember, I wasn't a twig to begin with but my belly didn't look like this 14 weeks ago!!

Ray and I have decided that we are a little overwhelmed with all of the items we are going to need for this new baby. We are taking things very slowly and have made Friday nights dinner and shopping nights. The last two weeks we have stopped at Babies R Us and Target. We have just been looking around to see what we might like. Don't worry we aren't buying we are just looking! :) Once we find out the sex of the baby many more decisions can be made. Well, here is to another great week and hope everyone is doing well.

Congrats to Phil & Katie! We just found out that they are excepting their first baby two days before we are! The babies can be poker partners! :)

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