Monday, December 02, 2013

Second Month of Having a Plan

Wow, it's December 2nd already! Time flies when you are having fun!! We have finished our 2nd month of being on a budget and actually having a plan! If you didn't read my first post click here to read from the beginning.

We started our journey on October 1, 2013. The first month we had to figure out how to work together and to communicate how we would spend out money. We also used this time to change habits and communicate with friends and family. For me it was letting co-workers and friends know that eating out was no longer a first option of visiting and catching up. I had to ask my lunch dates if it would be OK if we packed lunches and visited that way instead of dining out. If dinner plans had already been made I kept those plans and took the opportunity to fill friends in on the life changes we were making as a family. So far so good!

They say changing or creating a new habit takes 21 days. It's now been 60 days since we started and I have to say many new habits have been formed and many old ones have gone by the way side. Here is a run down of our changes...

- Have not bought soda for the house in 60-days

- We have been soda free for 30-days, we have them on occasion if provided at an event. Not totally soda free but maybe 1 a week if that. Pretty good either way! :)

- We (Ray & I) have both lost weight. I have dropped 10lbs and Ray has dropped a belt notch! Ray doesn't weigh himself so measurement is a bit different :)

- We all have new Nalgene water bottles that we use on a daily basis.

- In the month of November we ate out ONCE! This was for Parker's birthday, so a good reason to celebrate!

- We started a food calendar to track our meals in hopes we can build a calendar for the future with past data :)

- We have been shopping at Aldi's for 90% of our food and the other 10% (meat/chicken/lunch meat) at another local grocery. I have been trying out and comparing Giant Eagle, Kroger & Sam's for meat.

The first month was tough. The second month has been easier. The third month includes Christmas. The difference from month to month doesn't scare me anymore because we have a plan. We are talking and communicating more than ever before. Now that we have a plan all we need to do is execute the plan. I want to list all of the items we won't be doing this Christmas but I want to make sure I am perfectly clear that we are not really giving up anything but in turn gaining our sanity back and planning for our future. The "to-do" list around the holidays can be crazy and for us enough is enough...

* No mailing of Christmas cards. Might do a yearly recap here and email out to everyone.

* No gifts. OK, so Parker is getting one big gift that will save our sanity but that is it. No gifts. This also means no wrapping paper, no gift tags, no tape. We have plenty from years past.

* No new decorations, use what we have and make the rest with stuff we've got! Pinterest is good for new ideas on using old things. It can also drive you batty wanting to buy new things but I am using it for "up cycling"

In general my sanity will be spared. Ray won't worry about the credit card bills that would pile up in the coming months. Parker gets happy parents who love him unconditionally and are trying to teach him that it's not about the PILE of presents you receive. We are very excited to have completed our second month and to be starting the third month on the right foot, with the right attitude and a plan!

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