Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winter Break Fun: Randoms!

After Christmas we had some random fun times! Parker got a build a fort set from Uncle Jimmy. It was a big hit. The for they built was barely big enough for Parker and then he made daddy join him. And then Parker wanted to build puzzles inside the fort.

Parker took a bath in our big tub and he is just being his normal cute self! :)

We took a trip to visit Natalie, Carter and Jackson! Sarah and Barrett where there too. Hoping to get the group pics soon! :)

Parker loves baby Jackson! Can you see the love on Parker's face?? He was mad because we had to leave. :)

Who doesn't love a kid in a white undershirt?? :) Parker helped Grandma Terry pack for Hawaii!! He loved playing with the suitcase was has the spinny wheels! The day before Grandma Terry and Popa left for Hawaii we went to lunch and wished them well!!

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