Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Parker is 3!

Our little boy isn't so little! Parker is 3 years old now!!

He had a great birthday party with friends and family. He loved his Spiderman cupcake holders and loved all of his gifts. It was fun having his party at our house.

Parker is a smart cookie! Here are his favorite things to say and do right now:

- Seriously mommy, seriously! (yes he learned that from me)

- He loves to pretend to make food

- He will follow along with TV shows when they ask the audience questions

- He loves the movie Rio

- He loves to sing and dance, mostly sing. He will make up random songs and sing them when ever and where ever he is (example below)

- He loves to give random hugs and kisses

- He also likes to act out scenes with his Spiderman and Batman figures.

YouTube Video

Below are pics of Parker and his BFF Brycen. We took cookies to daycare for Brycen's birthday. We ended up doing this a day early but we wanted to be the first to wish Brycen a happy 3rd birthday!!

Parker's actual birthday fell on a Wednesday so we decided to treat him and us to dinner out! We went to Fusion Japanese Restaurant. It a guaranteed win since it's dinner and entertainment. Parker loves eating with his chop sticks, loves the eggies and he especially loves the "yum yum" sauce! Great time had by all!!

I also don't want to forget to also note a few other items about Parker at the ripe old age of 3! :)

- He weights 35lbs

- He is 37.5 inches tall

- He can now stand up and pee. He now clears the toilet :)

- He was discharged from the cardiology unit at Children's Hospital. He is healthy and no need to go back!

- He checks multiple times a day to make sure no one has taken is "junk" (private parts). Dr says this is normal! :)

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