Monday, November 11, 2013

Looking for FREE!

I have a need to shop and to work on projects. So to fill this need I have turned to looking for free projects. I am not ashamed to say I look for items people are throwing away, I am a trash picker! :) Here are some items that we have literally picked out of the trash and transformed into something new for our home! :)

Parker loves his new school desk. It's been a great addition to our office.

Who knew that an old print drawer could look so nice!! His cars look great hanging on the wall.

The plant stand has been spray painted brown and looks brand new now. In the spring it will have flowers :)

This table to picked from a friends Facebook post. Now it has a new home and repourposed!

I have found a new way to have projects on a budget!! Anything you want to give-a-way you just let me know!!

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