Monday, July 09, 2012

Commitment Issues

Do I seem like the type of person that has commitment issues? From the outside I look pretty committed; same job for 12 years, married for 9 years, 2 houses in 12 years. Those are the bigs ones. For those who know me REALLY well know that there are other topics that I strive to stay committed to but haven't figured out the balance.

Sarah Petereit, how many times did we sign "contracts" with each other committing to exercise? Oh, wait even better, how about when we tried to save up money to buy American Girl Dolls? Hey, don't judge we were like 12 years old. But even back then I didn't put my mind to the task at hand and makes it happen. I would give up on the exercise (still don't find it enjoyable) & I got the doll for Christmas.

As an adult I have said I want to do the following and just can't seem to make it happen...

- eat better
- plans meals
- exercise
- clean a little each day
- using up what I have before buying more
- reading, yeah I start but never finish (Twilight series is the last I read, all the way through)
- oh the big one, stop wasteful spending

I am sure there are more but those are the major topics. I usually overwhelm myself by trying to change all items at once. I jump in without a clear plan and I don't change anything to really make it possible to succeed. It's weird to me that there are parts of my life I have "it together" and others I just do "ok".

I just finished up a weeks vacation from work. It was a crazy week with the heat & storms. To top it off our air went out. We were very lucky to have it fixed quickly and for a low price. This event made me slow down, think & prepare a small game plan. I tried not to overwhelm myself with so much to accomplish that in the end it would lead to nothing getting done. I made one day my running around day to get supplies & the next day my action day. Here is what I accomplished...

Pantry, spice cabinet & lazy Susan; cleaned & organized...

The dining room now has blinds! Last room in the house & most important room since the sun comes in the back & this room has the thermostat. Thank you Ray for hanging these!

I also...
- started an iCloud calendar that we can plan meals on. A month seemed overwhelming to met so I am taking one week at a time. After a month of planning I can look back and "reschedule" meals moving forward on the calendar.

- went through all on my makeup & beauty products (thank you Sephora). I have the in ziplock bags so I can see that I have 20 samples of a face cream & before I buy new I need to use these.

- I am taking my spending more seriously. One day at a time. Thinking about what I need versus want. Those lines are often blurred for me. One day at a time.

I have changed my way of thinking & trying to stay calm, cool & collected. The first step is admitting I have challenges & now you can help hold me accountable!

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WineLover said...

You and me both. Finances will be the death of me. I do have the menu planning conquered though! Maybe we need to form a "goal group" that meets while enjoying some wine :)