Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Before you go to sleep tonight...

Just before you go
to sleep tonight,
check this list:
Did you get up
on time?
Did you make
your bed?
Did you eat
a good breakfast?
Did you read something
Did you learn something?
Were you polite?
Did you help a
Did you do some work
around the house?
Did you try to earn
some money to help
pay for your clothes?
Did you think about
your future?
Did you read a
newspaper or watch
a newscast?
Did you brush
your teeth?
Did you tell your
parents how much you
appreciate them?
Imagine how good
you’ll feel about
yourself if you can
say “yes” to
these questions,
and every day.

- Franklin University Leadership Center
 Another Gray Matter - originally published in the Wall Street Journal from February of 1979 until November 1985.  They were the idea of Harry J. Gray, former Chairman and CEO of United Technologies (reprinted with permission).   For a more detailed explanation see Gray Matter.  This particular Gray Matter was published in June of 1982.

I read this a few days ago and I can't stop thinking about it... Please read and share with others. It's important we go to bed each night with our affairs in order! :)

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