Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation - Rhode Island

Our first family vacation is now in the books. We survived! I don't do well with uncertainty and being out of my comfort zone can be a challenge. Don't get me wrong we had a great time visit our wonderful family, Susan and Larry, and they were WONDERFUL hosts. If you know my aunt kids aren't tops on her favorite list but Parker is!! :) Most likely because Parker is so cute and so well behaved!! Above is a collage of a little bit of everything. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and ate dinner on the patio ever night. Everyone helped us with Parker and Poopa especially loved his snuggle time at 5am. Thank you for letting mommy and daddy go back to sleep! Our next trip will be a road trip with no planes involved... I will have a separate post about what mommy learned traveling with a 7 month old... :)

Parker needed a teething toy, we found a carrot! It made for some great pics!
(Ray was a little leary, see his face...)

Parker loved the sand... took him some time to like the 65 degree water! :)

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WineLover said...

He is SUCH a handsome little guy! Glad you guys had fun!!