Saturday, June 04, 2011

DINC - No longer

Well, for those who don't know what a DINC is .... Double Income No Children. That is what we were. We are no longer. When we wanted something before Parker (BP) we would just go buy it. No second thought. No plan, just go buy it. One, we could leave the house anytime we wanted and two we thought those things would make us happy. We have quickly learned that no longer being a DINC family is a good thing but also a change in mind set.

Our priorities have totally shifted since Parker's arrival. We got lots of advice from other parents but just like each child is different so is each family. We are very blessed that we rotate around Parker. Not in the since that we do everything around him and we don't do our own things. But instead of having to use an outside childcare provider, Parker stays home and we rotate around him. This is saving us a lot of money and is very motivating for all of us. We are very, very lucky to have this option. This cost saving alone is helping us tremendously!

My next topic... coupons... for me they are bad. I save more money not having coupons than I do having them. I am talking about food coupons & store coupons. It's a mind set for me. If I have a coupon I think I need to use it before the expiration date, even if I don't need the item. It's not often that I need to have something, it's always more of a want. I have a handy dandy coupon organizer that I just finished...

I added note cards to divide each section so that I had more room for additional labels. If the coupons I do need aren't organized then I will forget about them. This little organizer is from Target & has a magnetic clasp. I like this one better than the plastic ones with the elastic band. This has helped me keep all of my coupons organized & makes me feel less overwhelmed when out shopping! Until next week... :)

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