Monday, May 18, 2009

21 weeks - Ultrasound week!

Congrats to Ashley (above) and Matt! They found out just today that they are have a little boy! We also found out over the weekend that Kati and Phil are have a little boy. Either we will have a small football team or Ray and I are having a girl! :) Ashley is 19 weeks and I am 21 weeks. The comparison above makes we wonder what I will look like at 30 week!! :)

We have a very exciting week ahead of us. We have officially felt the baby move. Even Ray got to feel a little bump in my belly! :) I wanted to share some pics of what the baby's room looks like before the paint job. We are not sticking with the pink even if it's a girl.

I am still feeling really good. I have been trying to do too much and my body is letting me know. I have a hard time asking for help but I am learning. My mom has been wonderful! She has been coming over on a regular basis to help me clean the bathrooms. She has also been helping me plant hosta and other plants to make the flower beds as worry free as possible. We have 50 bags of mulch that need to be spread if anyone has any free time! :)

I will be blogging again this week on Thursday night to tell you all about our doctors appointment! Until then don't forget to vote on what you think the sex of the baby will be.

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