Friday, August 09, 2013

Super Annoyed!

Venting is usually not something I do on here but I am feeling the need tonight.

I am feeling off my game lately. I haven't been planning dinners, packed lunches are maybe kinda and laundry gets fluffed 100 times. These last two weeks have just been off for me. It doesn't help that our air conditioner went to air conditioner heaven. Like Parker would say, mommy it dead? Yep, it's dead. Our house is 10 years old. Previous model home so we didn't get to pick anything out. We have lived in the house for 7 years. Last year issues with coolant leaking out. Luckily our house was on the market and we had a sellers warranty. Covered that but now it's dead. The compressor is dead. So might as well get a more energy efficient unit that will come with at least a 10 year warranty. Not the kind of money we were hoping/wanting/needing to spend. Yep, just charge it. We have been trying hard to get out of the credit card cycle and something like this takes us right back in. I am very thankful that we started making better decisions about a year ago to get our finances in a better place. Just seems like it's something.

Being hot it not something I deal with well. It makes me super irritable. Super short and just down right miserable. I have to admit this summer as been AWESOME! But when it's hotter than all get out in your house, it's just hot. The second floor is roasting and getting any air flow can be tough. Parker is a trooper and doesn't really care. We have been sleeping with windows open, fans blowing and doors in all the rooms open. This is a big change from how it works when the air is on. All this time I thought he can ONLY sleep with the light just right, door shut and window shut. Once he got past the outside noises he was good to go. Me on the other hand, this hot air just sucks. I was not built for this. It might be a slow process to get the air fixed but it will get fixed and we will make good decisions rather than heat induced ones. :)

With all of this going on work is crazy for the both of us. It just seems to hit all at the same time. I am hoping to have a cooler house soon so I might want to clean again, cook again and just feel better in my skin. Oh one more thing. Wood swells when it's hot and humid so doors don't shut right or chairs don't fit under the table the same way. It's the little things that just drive me batty! Thank you for letting me vent. The end.

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