Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Parker Has Arrived!!

I am sorry for the delay but we welcomed

Parker Douglas Gibbs into the world on Saturday November 20, 2010!

He is doing GREAT! He was working the system and made his heart rate spike right after birth which meant he had to go spend some "alone" time in the NICU. We think he just wanted a private room with his own nurse!! :) He is doing great and is now with mommy and daddy (who are over joyed)!! Birth story and more to come but here is what you really want to see, pictures!!

This is me Friday night (not having a clue how my life would change on Sat)
birth story to come later! :)

Parker & mommy in recovery

Mommy, Daddy and Parker in the NICU

Overjoyed daddy in our room! We both feel so blessed!

Grandma Sharon came to visit!


Sarah said...

Congratulations! He is so cute and perfect. I'm so happy for you guys! :)

chaksmix said...

He is adorable! Congrats you two!

Kim said...

Yea!! I've been checking your blog every day (SEVERAL times a day!) SOOO happy to see that you are all doing well now. Enjoy it all :-)

Looking forward to meeting the little guy sometime soon.

Rashawn said...

Angela and I are so happy for you and Ray!! Parker is absolutely adorable!
Talk to you soon!