Monday, August 20, 2012

New tubes... New words

Just watch and you will hear some of Parker's words!
YouTube Video

He is trying to see himself on the camera so I am chasing him during this video! :)
August has been a better month. We now have an idea why Parker hasn't been sleeping well and we are going to fix the problem later this week. He will have his tubes replaced and his adenoids removed. He had his first set of tubes put in exactly 10 months ago today. He was 11 months old. He couldn't talk (just a few words) or walk. Boy, will this time be different. He talks ALOT and RUNS everywhere. I am not sure how any of us will do this week. I know it will be fine but it's hard. I want to have this done to help make him feel better. Please pray that it makes him feel better!
He has been in a vicious circle of ear infections since April. It starts Easter night when his right ear started bleeding. Yeah, I freaked out. Then each month we were back at the doctor. In July his right tube was blocked and then at the beginning of August both tubes were blocked. It was decided that new tubes were needed and to also help stop the cycle his adenoids will be removed. This is a picture of Parker & Ray at the doctors office. They were looking for trucks! :)

On to the fun stuff! Parker is 21 months old today!! He is such a big boy. For all of the issues with his ears we are very lucky that his hearing & speech seem to be doing fine. Once he has his surgery it will be interesting to see how his voice changes & how well he can hear. He likes to say, "Huh??" if he doesn't want to listen, we know he can hear us! :)
He repeats EVERYTHING and he is pretty good at repeating what he hears... Good sometimes and bad other times! Here are a few of his favorite words or phrases...
- I coming (going up & down the stairs like a big boy)
- turtle
- noodle
- smoothie
- chop, chop (heard mommy say this in traffic. Chop chop people!)
- clean up (in a singing voice)
- Cheerio (the eating kind) :)
- cow, moo
- night, night
- motor (motorcycle, he can hear or see one a mile away)
- Caillou (tv show)
- go, (mommy, daddy, maw maw, etc... As he is pushing or pulling said person)
The best one yet... When he asks me, "where daddy?" I say at work. So now whenever I ask him where something is he says, "at work!"
Me: Where is your turtle Parker?
Parker: At work!
We are having a blast with him! We have our hard times but just writing about him makes my heart smile!

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