Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Time Fun

Well, summer is here and we are spending a lot of time outside. We have been very lucky so far with the weather being nice but man, the last few days have been hot! Parker has a summer cold right now which makes it hard for him to breathe. We had the dr check him out & we are just waiting it out. They also did a strep test just in case. That meant the nurse offered him a Popsicle & he accepted her offer!

Ray has been working diligently on the landscaping stones. He also build Parker & for us too, a fountain. It was a great idea and has turned out very nice. Here are pics...

Parker loves rocks & water so it's a perfect combo. This pic was taken on Father's Day morning. We put some chairs out by the fountain & enjoyed our morning coffee. I can't wait to put a patio on. Maybe next year.

Yes, our house is still on the market, with no action. We are trying to stay positive but it's hard. We are moving forward with projects that help make the house look even better & things that make us happy.

I recently went on a work trip for about 4 days. I had a conference in Vegas! Great place to visit once or twice, just not my thing. This was a 1st on two fronts. One I was away from Ray & Parker for the first time. I did well! :) Then the second was Parker & Ray were home alone for the first time. I am happy to say that they survived as well! It was a great experience for all of us! :)

This is pre-conference, we had to do something since we were up before the sun! That time difference was a killer.

This is the pic Ray sent me to show me that all was well. Isn't he just the cutest?

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