Thursday, May 31, 2012

18 months

Parker recently had his 18 month check up! Really, 18 months!!! Time is flying by. Here are his stats...

32 inches long
25 lbs 2 oz
head size, is above average :)

He is repeating everything we say so we have to be careful! :) he also just started saying, "I pooed, I pooed!" so we got two training potties to start to introduce the idea. Now if we can get him to tell us before he "poos" that will be better.

He has been using his head as a weapon. He has a big head so it's considered deadly weapon! He recently got in a fight with a high hair and school... this is the result...

Two days later it looks back to normal now. Many more of these to come, I am sure!

Parker loves his "drrrrrrr" also known as a drink. He will drink from any kind of cup. Here he is sharing with Daddy at Bob Evans.

Uncle Jimmy got him this cool water bottle. Parker loves to use his new cup. He is such a big boy!

We are all doing well & enjoying the summer weather. More pics & updates to come.

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