Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter Stomach Flu

We have been pretty lucky that Parker really hasn't been sick, like with a stomach bug, just ear infections. Well, we couldn't dodge that bullet for long. He came home from school on a Friday and just wasn't acting himself. I saw the look in his eyes and knew he was going to get sick. I snatched him out of his highchair and got him to the kitchen sink just in time!! He up chucked dinner, his milk and I think some afternoon snack! Well, that kept happening well into the evening. He looked at me with his sad eyes saying "Mommy make it stop!" We had a bucket and towels and all the fun stuff. It took the weekend to recover but he did. Then the next week anyone who came in contact with him got the bug too! We had some visitors are you can see in the pics and they fell victim as well. We all said it was worth it to love on that little cutie!

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