Sunday, February 26, 2012

15 months

Parker is changing so much from month to month. He is "talking" alot. Poopa just noticed the other night that Parker was talking more than usual and this is so true. He favorite words right now are...

- Bebe (Pampers commercials, pics of himself and when we are out and about)
- Dog, but now he follows up with a "roof, roof" he is barking :)
- Mine
- More (he also signs more, put he point to his empty hand and then says MORE)

What I am most amazed about right now is that he understands and follows directions. I know this is short lived as he will soon learn he can say "NO", but for now we are enjoying this time. We will ask him to get a book and he will pick one out and bring it to us. I even asked him to wipe up milk that he spilled in the kitchen and he went right over and wiped it up! Yeah, Ray was amazed by that one!! :) I love that he is learning what we are teaching him and that is so interactive.

He is such a flirt and loves to be the center of attention... I don't know where he gets those traits from!?!?

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