Friday, February 04, 2011

11 weeks, we all survived!

The above pic is right after I told Parker he would be staying with is dad all day! :) I tease, Ray and Parker have done great this week. I went back to work this week (kinda short with a snow day and late start) and I also did well. Everyone at work was happy to see me and I am happy to be back into a routine. I won't lie it's not easy. Balancing everything is very tough and I feel pulled in many directions. I am still breastfeeding so trying to pump at work and keep up with feeding when I am home can be draining. I know it's the best for Parker and will take some getting use to as I settle back into work.

Now that I am back to the "real" world I am trying to figure out when to fit things in. This is the largest balancing act and I am sure we will figure out with time but man it's tough! It's nice that Ray has his bonding time with Parker and that they will be able to spend quality time together. We will just have to remember to carve sometime out for just Ray and I! I also promise to post some pics of Ray and Parker together. :) Here are some more pics from this week.

The double flash makes Parker look scared! :)

Poopa & Parker, all ready for Super Bowl Sunday! :)

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