Sunday, October 31, 2010

36 weeks and feeling great!

Well, we are now in the 36th week! It could be any day now!! I have been feeling really good and Parker is very active. We had a non-stress test on Thursday and Parker pasted with flying colors. They hooked me up to 2 monitors to check his heart beat and to see if I was having any contractions. When he moved his heart rated needed to go up and be up for at least 15 sec. Well, since I had just eaten breakfast before the appointment he was very active. Ray was able to record his heart beat on his cell phone. I will have to see if I can upload that sometime! :) We return to the doctor this coming week for an ultrasound. They will be checking his weight and his position. He is getting so big that the ultrasound this late in pregnancy are really hard to see anything since he is squeezed so tightly in there!!

What is a post without pictures! Here is Parker's room all finished and ready for his arrival!!

These are my shoes from when I was little! :)
These are super cute "sock" that Aunt Rashawn bought! :)

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Selby said...

Love the nursery! Enjoy these last few days before Parkers arrival!