Monday, August 16, 2010

Almost 26 weeks... busy, busy, busy

25 Weeks & 6 days... (tomorrow will be 26 weeks) :)

Well, all is good! We have been busy around the house (like usual) and trying to do a little at a time. I have been having some pains that coincide with doing too much! I think it's a ligament or muscle being over worked in the top of my belly. No worries just my little alert that it's time to rest. Ray has been more than wonderful and takes great care of both of us. He is truly the best husband! Time is just flying by and I can't believe we are on the down hill slide to September. We have some very exciting events coming up that I promise I will share! Now onto the pictures!!

25 weeks 6 days pregnant (don't knock the great outfit) :)

Here is the bedding that Aunt Winnie & Uncle Brad bought for the baby!
The nursery (work in progress) don't mind the stool in the middle of the room
The beautiful dresser!
The nicely lined drawers (NB & 0-3month oensies from Aunt Natalie)

We hope that everyone is staying cool! We are ready for the fall weather. Take care and we love you all!

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