Friday, May 28, 2010

Bitter Sweet....

A year ago today Grace was born and taken to heaven. It was bitter sweet going to the doctor today for a regular check up. It was weird to be there... we are sad and missing Grace...we are also over joyed with the new baby we are carrying. We know that we have many people praying for us and I know it's working! :)

We went in for a regular check up and the baby's heartbeat was 165 beats per min. The doctor said everything looks and sounds good. I got the o.k. to get a massage (from a professional, not Ray)! I love Ray but he is not so good with massages :)

We will go back mid June at 16 weeks for an ultrasound with the high risk doctor and we hope to find out the sex!! The following week we will see the regular OB. This will be the routine thru 20 weeks. I am happy to have many ultrasounds! :)

Thank you again for praying for us! I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

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