Wednesday, September 04, 2013

What is a Big Boy Bed??

You buy a convertible crib in hopes of an easy transition from crib to "big boy" bed. These hopes and dreams are crushed when you find out that your toddler doesn't think so. Parker transition to a "big boy" bed over a year ago and little did we know that this REALLY isn't what he had in mind.

The past year has been filled with milestones and challenges. From potty training to clearly speaking to running around like a chicken with his/our heads cut off!! The key to understand is communication and when you can't figure out why your 2.5 year old won't stay in their bed all night it can be frustrating for everyone involved. And then it clicks... We get books from the library to read about big boy beds and sleeping in your own room ALL.NIGHT.LONG. The first book in he says, "I not have a big boy bed!" What makes you say that?? "Mine has walls!" DUH!!!!!

We have been talking about getting him a different bed but really don't want to spend the extra money. So here is what we did. We found a car bed on a local sale sight for $30. It was missing the hardware so we offered them $15. They took us up on the offer and we went to Home Depot and spent $2.57 on the hardware. Just like that he has a new bed that he is literally bouncing off the walls for!! This bed also uses his crib mattress so we are off the hook for a bigger bed for a little while longer.

First night was good. He was dry, woke up once to potty and then right back in bed. Let's hope this trend sticks!

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